Our Big-4 Promises For Sustained Partnership

In an age where business and life transpires at a breathtaking pace, we take time to recalibrate. It is our opportunity to rethink and reimagine. This is our moment to ask and remind ourselves of why we exist.

It is not that we are ignorant of the fact that we exist to serve you. Our quest is not to allow a callous comfort to cloud our purpose.

Why? Familiarity is the springboard of contempt. It causes us to lose respect for each other. In essence, it breeds apathy and nurtures mediocrity. Our beliefs and actions become watered down and ineffective. The center breaks down and contempt creeps in.

Contempt is an emotional reaction when we feel like we are not cared for. “So why should I pay for mediocre services yet all you do is push paper?” you may ask. Or even still, “I am just another number enriching your bottom line.”

This is why we must remain intimately committed to our why. And you, our partner are firmly embedded in it. You are our purpose. Only together can we grow in significance, character and impact.

Here are our four promises to committed service:

1. Commitment –our vision in action

We believe that our action must always be guided by a vision. Yes we are in business. However, our legacy will not be informed by how much money we make. We want to always strive to build our legacy upon how many lives we help transform.

And that is why we push forward with a bold vision: “To be the preferred corporate commercial law firm in the region with global partnerships with like-minded law firms.” That preference is guided by the valuable relationships we build together.

2. Present all the way

Most people consider this a cliché. We don’t, because it is part of our DNA to build real, working partnerships. And nothing matter more than presence. In a nutshell, we listen to the needs of our partners. We seek solutions together.

This is why we also believe in being proactive. This essentially translates to our penchant for anticipating possible outcomes. With this in mind, it becomes possible to plan for effective execution of work.

3. Excellence

Commitment calls for a big heart. If our heart is not right, our skills will count very little. We know and appreciate this every single day. There are days we will win big and others where circumstances will leave us rugged. But out tenacious will keeps us fighting smart.

We remain committed to excellence in our service. For this is the mindset that allows us to keep on learning and anticipating different setups.

4. Choice even in adversity

Unfortunately, we do not exist in a vacuum. There exist practices that may trivialize our law practice. From corruption to nepotism, we are plagued by adversity. Nonetheless, we firmly remain committed to integrity.

What we did yesterday, and what we are doing today are good predictors of what we’ll be doing tomorrow. We accept responsibility and ownership for our service to you. That includes remaining steadfastly accountable too.