I&N’s professional lawyers offer legal services to both workers and employers, with the aim of preventing, resolving, and in all ways addressing a myriad of issues connected to the employer-employee relationship. Managers and entrepreneurs can consult with I&N for legal advice when making employment policies and employee handbooks. I&N services in matters employment range from recruitment of workers, to drafting of employment contracts, advising on termination of employment, structuring realignment & restructuring/downsizing of companies and organization, and further ensuring the protection of employee rights.

This team comprises of the best lawyers in Kenya can also aid companies and workers in resolving employment related issues and disputes preventing costly litigation. I&N also ensure that companies do not violate any requirement in the Labour Law Regime.

In addition to that, the legal advice and services from I&N ensure smooth cooperation between organizations and trade unions in Kenya, by participating and offering legal advice in the drafting and execution of Collective Bargaining Agreements.

With the professional services from I&N, the efficiency of employees and companies increase as legal issues and disputes substantially reduce or disappear altogether.