Employment and Labour Relations Court in Kenya- Industrial Court

Eleven new judges of the industrial Court, now renamed Employment and Labour Relations Court in Kenya, have been sworn in. They are: Mbaru Monica Wanjiru Marete D.K. Njambi Onyango Maureen Athens Nduma Mathews Nderi Aboudha Jorum Nelson Wasilwa Hellen Seruya, ...

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Judges Vetting Board in Kenya

Judges Vetting Board in Kenya: The board’s mandate is to vet the suitability of all the judges and magistrates who were in office when the new Constitution was promulgated to continue to serve in the Judiciary in accordance with the values and principles set out in Article 10 and 159 of the Constitution. ...

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A Foreign Company Trading in Kenya

It is more advantageous for a foreign company to set up a business in Kenya as a subsidiary company as opposed to opening a branch office for reason stated hereinabove. 1) Branch Office; 2) Subsidiary Company A branch would arise where a new location, division, department, or office is set up, yet still unde...

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Legal Opinion On The Effects Of The National Social Security Act, (No. 45 Of 2013) To The Kenyan Employers; Mar11

Legal Opinion On The Effects Of The National Social Security Act, (No. 45 Of 2013) To The Kenyan Employers;

Introduction  The new NSSF Act was passed by Parliament, and assented to by the President, thus coming into force on 10th January, 2013. It in effect repealed the earlier Act (Cap 258, Laws of Kenya), with savings limited to transitional provisions. ...

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Are Expatriates Liable to pay NHIF in Kenya?

Section 15(1) of the National Hospital Insurance Fund makes provisions as to who is liable to contribute to the Fund. It provides as follows: “Subject to this Act, any person- (a) who is ordinarily resident in Kenya; and (b) who has attained the age of 18 years; (c) whose total income, whether derive...

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On A Vista Of Commitment May12

On A Vista Of Commitment

Our Big-4 Promises For Sustained Partnership In an age where business and life transpires at a breathtaking pace, we take time to recalibrate. It is our opportunity to rethink and reimagine. This is our moment to ask and remind ourselves of why we exist. It is not th...

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Why Protect Your Logo Jul05

Why Protect Your Logo

This article was first published in the Churchill Africa magazine A good logo is creativity at its best, and is essential to any company’s brand. The marriage between the fonts, colors and image in any logo should be carefully researched and thought out before its public use. It is not easy to build ...

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Amendments of The Finance Act 2016 On Capital Gains Tax Nov21

Amendments of The Finance Act 2016 On Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is basically the tax chargeable on the whole gain which accrues to a company or an individual on the transfer of property situated in Kenya, which liability is placed on the person gaining (attaining profit). HISTORY OF CGT IN KENYA ...

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Finance Act: Miscelleneous Provisions Nov21

Finance Act: Miscelleneous Provisions


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Income Tax Provisions Nov21

Income Tax Provisions


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